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Why You Don’t Achieve

Why you don’t achieve

Did you know that if you set yourself a New Years’ resolution at the beginning of this month you only have an 8% chance of seeing it through. Wow! Mind you, I’m not that surprised as when I ask people about their New Years’ resolutions, goals, aims or intentions, whatever you prefer to call them, they are often vague and connected to previous experiences.

For example, you may say I want to get fitter this year. But what does fitter mean? What do you really want to achieve? Being able to run to the bus without being out of breath or do you fancy doing an Iron man race? In fact, I wonder if you decided to do the Iron man race would you would be more likely to achieve it than the person who says “I want to be just generally fitter,” because there is a target and a real end achievement.

There is in fact a reason WHY you want to achieve this. A great friend and mentor of mine, David Hyner, is an expert on achieving goals. He says that the reason WHY you want to achieve it needs to be really clear. It’s his belief that the more important or powerful your reason WHY, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Of course it’s more than just knowing why you want to achieve something, but also facing your fears and making sure you have the right mind-set. In her work on mind-set, Dr Carol Dwek of Stanford University, says that people with a fixed mind-set believe that their abilities, traits, talents and intelligence are fixed. Therefore they may look at a goal and believe they are unable to do it or likely to fail and so will not even attempt it. Whilst those with a growth mind-set believe that it is possible to develop and grow their abilities, talents and intelligence. Therefore they are willing to try, as by trying they will learn, develop, grow and move forward in their ability to achieve the goal.

Therefore, if you’re trying to achieve something new, attain a goal or grow your business you need a growth mind-set combined with a strong purpose or reason why.   If you now need your colleagues to work with you to achieve organisational growth a culture of learning, growing together and knowing the reasons why will surely stand you in good stead.

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