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Your staff – inspired to be more innovative, engaged and enterprising.

ENTERPRISE WITHIN™? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

As a leader, you want to develop a more enterprising workplace.

My ‘Enterprise Within’ talk explains how to improve your workplace for your employees, while exceeding customer expectations and boosting the bottom line.

Your staff are an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration for discovering new income streams and delivering a more innovative, customer-focused experience.

They could and should be enterprising – empowered to change your business.

Enterprise Within’ takes the concept of enterprise learning and places it within the structure and culture of your organisation.

Using enterprise as a tool to develop and encourage growth and quality within your organisation is not just way of making money, but a way of connecting the needs of your clients with the ability of your employees to perfectly meet their needs.

At the most fundamental level, this is about business development, with a peppering of innovation and an eye on customer need and staff engagement. Combined, this is known as ‘Enterprise Within’, which covers the following areas:

  • REVIEW current situation
  • INFORM staff
  • ENCOURAGE learning ladder of growth
  • ENABLE enterprise activities
  • INNOVATE ideas
  • RUN enterprise projects
  • MANAGE enterprise projects
  • SUPPORT enterprise projects

How do you turn things around?

Corporate Enterprise (A.K.A. Intrapreneurship) is gaining traction – helping businesses leverage the true potential of their staff, while their staff feel more connected, involved and in control of critical tasks. They become their companies most trusted source of innovative solutions – replacing consultants and creating a healthy culture of highly prized employees.

Isn’t that the way it should be? I certainly think so.

Enterprise Within™ can be delivered as an in-house course, talk or workshop, and was published as a book in 2017.

Enterprise Within™ – The Keynote talk

Developing Enterprising Thinking gives individuals and teams insights and practical tools to consider more innovative approaches to providing services and products to customers.

Focusing on making best use of the skills within the organisation to answer the needs of customers while considering the bottom line for the business. In short this helps staff understand how they can add value through being more enterprising and innovative in their day to day work. Based on my book “Enterprise Within” it enables your staff members to be more involved in the success and growth of your organisation.


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Enterprise Within™ Workshops

Your company – Transformed from good, to great (by your people)

You know that in order to keep an organisation thriving, it takes more than one good idea. You also know that you need your staff to engage and support your business if it’s to secure stability and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Enterprise Within™ has helped organisations of all sizes in enabling an enterprising mind-set among their people – from sole traders to SME’s, charities, multinational companies and banks.

By equipping you and your staff with the skills and confidence to embrace a more enterprising way of working (always without risk), you can simply watch your organisation grow.

Enterprise Within™ – The Book

The Enterprise Within™ system enables you to support your team in stepping it up and becoming innovative in their everyday. They’ll chase future opportunities for your business – seeking out possibilities and promising areas for growth – all independently and motivated to move your business forward.

Chapter by chapter, the Enterprise Within™ Book hands you the actions you need to take to transform your teams into a dynamic, enterprising and engaged workforce.

In today’s world one in five employees feel undervalued. Some of whom leave, others stay – trudging on, completely disengaged. At the root of this feeling, is a belief (rightly or wrongly) that they don’t make a difference. In turn, many managers and leaders see their staff as negative and unhelpful, as they battle on to build the business.

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