Why criticising your competitors will cause your demise

Business owners are often far too smug, in my opinion, believing that they are so amazing in the way they do business that they have the time and luxury to criticise their competition. Not only is this truly rude when you do it in public places like events, Facebook and Twitter, but you may just find you spend so long criticising that you are soon the loser.

How many times have you heard a business owner suggest that a competitor has it all wrong? That the way they do business is out of date? That they don’t get the latest trends or understand their audience? Not only is it off-putting, I mean who wants to work with someone who is willing to publicly criticise their competitors, but maybe you’re missing the real issues here.

Because, my friend, it is likely that you are the one not keeping up to date while you smugly sit there reviewing everyone else’s business and forgetting to keep an eye on your own. It is easy to say what you don?t like about your competitor, why people shouldn’t buy from them, but have you considered this, maybe they have it right and you have it wrong!

Business is an odd thing and often it is difficult to know what actually works well in a business and what doesn’t when we look in from afar. In a recent meeting I overheard two business owners discussing a competitor saying how they didn’t like their new marketing materials and why it wouldn’t serve them well, they felt they didn’t know the latest trends or understand how the market had changed. But I knew the business they were criticising, as I work with them, and as one of my clients I know they are moving forward and changing the way they work because, quite frankly, things have moved forward so fast they are skipping the stage their competitors are at and aiming to get ahead of the game. A risk yes, but one they know they have to take to avoid potential disaster.

You see sometimes we are so comfortable believing we have it right for today’s market and laughing at those who don’t, that we forget to focus on what tomorrow’s market wants.

So why not watch more, criticise your competitors less, and concentrate on your own stuff.


Photo source: freedigitalphotos.net

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