What is Enterprise WithinTM?

While many organisations discuss staff engagement and how best to support staff dreamstime_xl_34337530to help them feel more involved and empowered, the success levels of various approaches have been mixed.

Improving an individual’s connection to the organisation, increases confidence in their skills and enables them to feel more empowered and valued. Potentially this can lead to greater performance levels, lower staff turnover and growth for your organisation.

By highlighting the six areas to implement Enterprise WithinTM your organisation, I will demonstrate how employers and employees can benefit, enabling staff to be more engaged and enterprising solutions discovered for the growth of your organisation.

I call this work Enterprise WithinTM as it takes the concept of enterprise learning and places it within the structure of an organisation, while embedding it with organisational learning.

Using enterprise as a tool to develop and encourage growth and quality within your organisation is not a just way of making money, but a way of connecting the needs of your clients with the abilities of your employees to meet those needs.

Over the next few blogs we will be looking at the six areas of Enterprise Within and what these mean. These six areas are as follows –
1. Multi-Level Communication
2. Customer Led Growth
3. Staff Engagement
4. Mind-Set for Growth
5. Learning Organisation
6. Test Labs

However you see your organisations future, it is likely that you will need to implement changes along the way. These changes may be required to enable your organisation to become more stable, increase income or generate new ways of working to save money or find new revenue streams.

Trying to develop new ideas without involving your employees could lead to projects failing when they do not meet the needs of customers.
By creating a more enterprising way of working across the whole organisation it is possible to develop ideas through collaboration and genuine need, leading to a more positive end result.

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