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How Entrepreneurs, Just Like You, Use Trusted Advisor’s And Business Mentors

How entrepreneurs, just like you, use trusted advisor’s and business mentors

Some of you have asked me whether a trusted adviser is just a business mentor by any other name. If you read my recent post about finding a trusted adviser you probably want to know more about a trusted adviser as an entrepreneur.

Let me start by saying that a mentor is what and who you want it to be. On the whole a mentor is someone with greater experience than yourself, although not always necessarily, who is willing to support and guide you in your career and entrepreneurial endeavours. A mentor tends to be someone who has agreed to carry out this role for you, this may be paid or unpaid but is likely to have some level of agreement and expectations. A mentor will usually pre-agree when to meet and how and what you will be working on at any time.

Whilst the mentor may also act as a trusted advisor to you, a trusted adviser is often not a mentor rather a work connection that you approach as and when you need their support. They are someone you go to on an ad hoc basis with no formal agreement or preconceived ideas about their role or ability to support and help you.

Your trusted adviser can appear at any time and in any place. For me and many other people I speak to their trusted adviser is someone they have grown to appreciate and grown to like and trust. It is important to value their views and opinions for what they are. This doesn?t mean that you must follow the support, ideas, advice and guidance they provide you but simply that you should listen.

Who are your trusted advisers? Who do you go to in order to talk about your business and career problems and questions? How have you found a business mentor?

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