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Top tips on motivating your workforce to be more enterprising without extra pay

If you are considering developing a more enterprising workforce you will need to motivate your team to step up, become involved and move things forward. To begin with staff may seem distant or cautious of becoming involved. They may possibly even be suspicious if they are unsure why you are making the change to this new way of thinking and working.

Praise ideas and interest initially it can be difficult for the staff to become involved in a new way of thinking and working so any interest they show or ideas they come up with should be praised, however small or unsuitable they may seem. Stay away from judging their input too soon.

Offer mentoring support to key players. This will help keep them on track but also show you value their input and are willing to invest in them.

Regularly communicate developments both successful and non successful so that they feel involved and can see the consequences of the project.

Recognise people’s work communicate what they are doing with others, share their experiences and encourage them to support others wishing to get involved.

Celebrate achievements as a team but give extra recognition to those involved so that everyone feels part of the success and can also see that those who have put themselves forward have also benefited.

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