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Top Tips To Finding A Business Idea For Your Social Enterprise

Top Tips to finding a business idea for your social enterprise

Is finding a business idea holding you back? Your organisation – be it a charity, community group, public or third sector organisation – may feel that they would like to develop a social enterprise or an income-generating enterprise. But whilst you want to give it a go your team are struggling to find an idea that will be of value. Below are my top tips to finding your perfect business idea.

A business idea for a social enterprise will usually fall into one of these categories:

  1. Solving a problem which?someone or a group of people have personally or in their business that others can’t or won’t help with.
  2. Making something that you know people need or want but are unable to buy or afford to buy that you can offer more easily?or more cheaply.
  3. Re-using the resources you already have available to you (materials / skills etc.) that others need.

Still struggling? Then consider these elements:

  1. What problems does your local community / usual client group have? Can you:
    1. remove the problem
    2. improve the problem by offering a service / product
    3. provide something else which will lessen the issue / problem
    4. fix the problem
  2. What things / services do your stakeholders / local community / usual client group buy which you could provide cheaper, better, more conveniently, more ethically, locally etc.?
  3. What businesses are other organisations similar to you starting up? Can you replicate that in your local area, or use the structure to develop another idea?
  4. Can you take an idea from the private sector and develop it into a social enterprise?

Still stuck? Try just day dreaming, brainstorming with your team or creative thinking techniques. Or give me a call and we can discuss how I work with organisations to develop new enterprise ideas.


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