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5 Top tips for enterprise development

5 Top tips for enterprise development Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Enterprise tips: Make space for thinking

If you would like your staff to be more enterprising then you need to factor these tips for enterprise development:

1. Listen to their ideas?The more they feel listened to the more they will be willing to share new, enterprising ideas with you.

2. Develop an awareness of the business needs in your staff?The more your staff understand what is necessary to be more businesslike for your organisation the easier it is for them to find enterprising solutions.

3. Provide space to think?Staff who are so busy doing?will often not take time to consider if they are doing things the best way.

4. Offer support to new ideas?However good a new idea is offer support to think it through and work out if it has potential. Staff will often see for themselves if something isn’t worth pursuing but if they feel you block ideas from the start they are unlikely to offer up new ideas in the future.

5. Avoid blame?When ideas don’t work out just accept it and move on. Blame and blaming will sabotage future idea development so take time to consider what did work and use those ideas to move forward.

These 5 tips are a good starting point for enterprise development, try them.

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