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Stretchy Thinking Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Hurdles, barriers, break downs, road blocks.

We need to understand why these happen to ourselves and others. ‘Stretchy Thinking’ does this perfectly. Created to help others to achieve their potential, overcome their barriers and create innovative solutions.

‘Stretchy Thinking’ develops fresh approaches and perspectives for fulfilling potential, overcoming barriers and creating innovative solutions.

After two decades in training and people development, I poured all that I knew into a program that changed the way people approach challenge. The result was ‘Stretchy Thinking’.

Stretchy thinking is…

  • considering if there is a different, better or more suitable way of achieving your aim
  • stepping outside your comfort zone to achieve without pushing yourself to breaking point

Stretchy thinking is not…

  • forcing yourself through tough situations
  • smashing through difficult issues
  • manipulating others to overcome difficulties
  • walking away because ‘it’s just too hard’
  • cheating, lying or bending the rules

Interested in sharing stretchy thinking with your team at a training event or delegates at a conference then contact me today to discuss the right format for you.


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