Organisational Growth Workshops

Organisational growth through enterprise (all staff session)

Individuals and teams are provided with the insight and practical tools they need to deliver services or products to customers in a more innovative way.

  • Understand why you need to be more enterprising for the long-term success of your organisation and your position within it
  • Focus on making the best use of the skills you have to help the organisation grow
  • Consider how to answer the needs of customers while considering the bottom line for the business
  • Identify ways in which you can be more enterprising without risk
  • Be inspired to think like an entrepreneur, improving customer relations and increasing profits in the process

The perfect audience is…

Any team member who needs to become more enterprising in their role.

Ideal as…

A session for the entire workforce – top-to-bottom, to encourage involvement in your growth plans and the sharing of the goals that define it