Stretchy Thinking

Building a mindset for success

Your team face barriers. This is your chance to hand them a fresh way of thinking (queue barriers leapt and brick walls smashed).

This talk provides everything they need to take control, achieve more, be more successful and increase their confidence – all by changing the way they think.

My ‘Stretchy Thinking’ talk will let your people in on the mindset and psychology of success (minus the heavy science, with fun sprinkled throughout). We’ll sensitively explore common personal barriers, and how to hurdle them.

This talk can hone in areas relevant to your business, such as – sales, innovation, staff management, enterprise, education, leadership and personal development.

Stretchy thinking – the mindset for success

You staff currently think that some things are simply insurmountable. ‘Stretchy Thinking’ will change that. Together we’ll…

  • Explore how mindsets cause barriers and how reframing these barriers can help us move forward
  • Improve your stretchy thinking – discover what it is and how we can stretch our brain to have wide angle lens thinking
  • Understand how to discover sneaky snakes and discover your super supporters
  • Build your bounceback-ability – so you can overcome barriers again, and again, and again

The perfect audience is…

Any member of your team – any age, level and ability.

Ideal as…

A morning keynote to ignite the fire in the bellies of your delegates, or a talk right after lunch – to rejuvenate your teams with a high-energy, interactive session.