Enterprise Within – using enterprise for greater sustainability

A talk made for organisations that seek to be more innovative, engaged and enterprising, “Enterprise Within

provides the tools and insight required by your individuals and teams as they balance the bottom line with service or product delivery.

Good for profit and even better for your customer experience, together we’ll focus on making use of the skills within your organisation to answer the needs of customers.

Your staff will leave with an understanding of adding value through being more enterprising and innovative in their everyday.

Based on my book “Enterprise Within” with activities and ideas based on my own experiences developing enterprises.

Enterprise Within – using enterprise for greater sustainability

Not-for profits, multinational PLCs, ambitious start-ups – growing through enterprise is sustainable for all, no matter the sector, regardless of industry.

Enterprising thinking means that individuals and teams have everything they need to be more innovative in delighting customers.

  • Understand why you need to be more enterprising for the long-term success of your organisation and your position within it
  • Focus for making the best use of your skills for organisational growth
  • Consider how to answer the needs of customers while considering the bottom line for the business
  • Identify ways in which you can be more enterprising without risk
  • Be inspired to think like an entrepreneur – improving customer relations and increasing profit in the process

Enterprise Within - The Book

The perfect audience is…

Any team member who needs to become more enterprising in their role.

Ideal as…

A session for all staff members to encourage more involvement in your organisational growth plans.