Mentoring & Consulting


Thank you for your interest in using me as your mentor. For me this is one of the most privileged roles I have, working alongside executives and business owners as they grow their business, teams and departments.

I believe mentoring is about working together to enable both individuals and their business to develop and grow and that encouragement, guidance and supported reflection will enable them to adapt and change. By combining my knowledge and skills in business with those of people development my mentoring is focused on people-centred transformation.


I am a freelance consultant, advisor and mentor for organisations who are looking to add more innovative and enterprising ways into their establishments. I often work on short term contracts and projects looking at people-centred transformation within organisations who need to make changes to ensure a more stable future.

My work is varied and whilst I do work with not for profit organisations and charities I also work with growing SME’s and corporates.  Most of my clients have one thing in common, they want their people to be more involved with innovation and enterprise to ensure they develop a more stable organisation that is less dependent on grants and funding or one main income stream.

Some examples of projects I have worked on as a freelance  consultant over the last 16 years:

  • Development of materials for training programs
  • Facilitation of groups and events
  • Research work
  • Review of programme delivery
  • Work with executive and management teams to develop a new vision and strategic plan