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Why booking me for your event is a great idea

Event organiser, I want you to know something – I’ve been right where you are now. The pressure’s on. It MUST be memorable. It HAS to be valuable. I completely understand that you need to be certain that I’m the one for your keynote speech.

That’s why I promise I am…

  • NOT boring. Look I’m not promising a laugh a minute, but audiences say that I give great content in a fun way (and as we all know, everyone learns better when they are having fun).
  • Going to deliver COMPELLING content. Expect relevant examples from your industry, stories from my own experience and actionable ideas. All in all, your audience should have plenty to think about.
  • A GENUINE expert. I have a Masters in Education – focusing on the education of enterprise and innovation. For over a decade, I’ve researched enterprise and how staff can be innovative and enterprising. For more than 20 years I’ve been a personal development trainer, focusing on staff transformation for business growth. I’m also an author of business books and a business owner of nearly 3 decades (which is ever so slightly scary now).
  • A speaker with PLENTY of experience. I have over 20 years of experience speaking at events. I’m comfortable on the stage and thrive on audience interaction. I’ll get your team members involved in my presentation, and because I know my stuff I can go with the flow – embracing the feel of the event (there’s no dead-set script here). This also means that I can adapt to your timings if they change (because they do, often, in the world of corporate events).
  • A TRUE professional. This means… I have a contract, I turn up early, I’m fully prepared and I want you to brief me so I understand your event, your audience and how I can best help them.

My brochures

You have discussions to hold and a decision to make

You have others you need to speak to before booking me. From managers to fellow team members, it’s very rarely the choice of a single person.

That’s why I’ve put together these downloadable materials for you. They’ll help you decide whether I’m the right fit as a speaker for your event.

My downloadable overview brochure – Introducing Rebecca Jones


Please contact me for a quote specific to your event.

I like to give a little back as I go about my business. Which is why I do waive some or all of my fee for not for profit or charity events. That said, I can only cover a very limited number of partial or full pro bono dates. Please feel free to ask me about whether I can help.

Already booked Me?

Then you’re here because you’re looking for something.  Might it be…

For everything else, please feel free to contact me via my speaking enquiry form.