Intrapreneurship is not enough

intrapreneurship is more than just having ideas What is Intrapreneurship and why is intrapreneurship not enough on its own?

I believe encouraging intrapreneurship is not enough on it’s own to make the difference to your business that you are looking for?

Let’s start with its meaning: Intrapreneurship is where an individual or a group of people from within an organisation take on responsibility (either by self-selection or selection from others) for developing an idea and making it happen.

This is usually with the goal of creating an enterprising solution which either improves the organisations activities or their bottom line.

Various organisations advocate the use of intrapreneurship and consider it to be part of their business development.

Intrapreneurs are generally considered to be people who come up with ideas, work on them and roll them out to make money for the organisation whom they work for, rather than for themselves.

More and more companies are taking this idea on board as a way of developing new ideas or creating solutions to problems without the need to bring in external support. In addition it is a way of making use of their talent and giving them the freedom to experiment without the employee having to leave the organisation. For many staff members it allows them the opportunity to be innovative and have the feeling of working for a new business start-up, but without the risk element of going it alone.

Intrapreneurship is one element of enterprise, and while it works for a large number of corporates, many clients need a more rounded option. Organisations such as government bodies, large charities, banks and other more service-based companies that I have worked with find it difficult to understand how intrapreneurship can benefit them.

However, if you are looking at building a more stable organisation or a better way of working, you want to save money or provide better customer experiences, intrapreneurship could be the right direction to take.

It is likely that you will need a whole organisational approach to embracing enterprise, rather than relying on individuals or teams to work separately on ideas and projects. This is where my Enterprise Within TM Blueprint comes into action.

To find out more about Enterprise Within TM and how it can help your organisation you can get in touch by contacting me in one of the many ways available here.

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