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Help! My staff aren’t enterprising enough (and things need to change)

It’s clear that we all need to be more enterprising these days, there are few organisations that don’t need to consider more entrepreneurial ways of doing things in order to make more money or save more money.
Help!  My staff aren't enterprising enough (and things need to change) Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker But entrepreneurial staff are as rare as hens teeth, that’s not surprising really, is it? When we look at most organisations they don’t recruit staff because they are enterprising, they recruit them more frequently for skills and experience. I’ve been banging on for years, as have others, that we need to recruit for the right attitude and not just skills.

Being entrepreneurial is a skill it’s also an attitude.

Staff who think in a more enterprising way and who are more willing to take a different approach, often come to a situation with a very different attitude indeed.

The difficulty can often be that this unusual approach can be seen as risky, not in line with the organisation’s usual ways or just different and sometimes awkward. It’s not surprising then that those staff members who really are enterprising often leave businesses to find organisations more willing to embrace their style, or to start up their own enterprising business.

My staff aren’t enterprising enough: What can be done?

  1. Encourage idea sharing, the more people are used to sharing ideas, the more relaxed they will be at doing so
  2. Don’t dismiss, out of hand, unusual ideas staff come up with, often by tweaking ideas they can become sensible solutions for your organisation
  3. Allow staff to consider problems in a different way to usual, that can help them see new ways of resolving long term issues.
  4. Get staff out of the office and looking at other organisations, visit small businesses, charities and social enterprises to see how they manage things, as this can often generate new ideas.
  5. Mix teams up from various departments to look at issues as they arise. Having mixed views and ideas with loose agendas can bring about completely new solutions.

In general it is important that a culture of enterprise is embraced in your business so that individuals can feel their ideas and activities are acceptable and encouraged in the workplace.


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