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Five Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Small Business Marketing

Five simple steps you can take to improve your small business marketing

It’s so easy to become distracted when marketing your own business. To save yourself time and effort sort yourself a simple plan of action; below is our recommended five step plan that will improve your small business marketing.

Step One ? Review who your customer profile is and research the best way to access them.? For example if you sell baby clothes, find out if there is a mother and baby group you can promote your products to, or a mother and baby show in your area.? Alternatively if you sell software to small business owners look into networking groups in your area so you can meet with and talk to other small business owners.

Step Two – Develop a list of clear messages you wish to be known for so that not only those hearing your message will know what you offer, but it will be easy for them to pass those messages on.? For example if my local garage puts up a big sign outside which says “Now offering MOTs here” I know they offer MOTs and if anyone asks, “Where can I get an MOT done?” I can say, “Ah! The garage near me does”.

Step Three – Write a quick list of the activities you are planning to be involved in so you don?t become distracted by other options. It?s far too easy to get caught up in the various activities around promoting and marketing your business, and whilst many of them are free they can take up your time, which of course is not really free.

Step Four ? Start with some simple ideas but with a fresh pair of eyes, such as looking at the outside of your premises. Do you shout out what you do simply and professionally? Too many messages, or poor quality messages, are not likely to have the necessary impact.

Step Five ? Try some different approaches such as using social media or attending local business networks.? Don?t expect quick results from any of the marketing activities, they take time, practice and tweaking so that you can form the correct relationships for?improving your small business marketing

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