Why having an enterprising mindset could help your recruitment and retention

Are you, like many of my clients, worried about the skills gap in your organisation? Is recruitment and retention becoming a headache? Could being a more enterprising workplace help?

Let’s consider this, are your older team members (the baby boomers) retiring yet the younger recruits seem to be leaving for what seems like more exciting opportunities in more enterprising workplaces? Then you’re not alone. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, your staff are most likely to leave because they feel dissatisfied with advancement opportunities or feel under employed. Believing that a new employer values their abilities and skills more than you do or that they will be offered more freedom could be the reason they are leaving your employment.

If you are recruiting in younger staff members to replace your ageing workforce do you understand what they are looking for and what turns them off an employer?

Like many companies you may still be trying to understand and connect with Gen Y or ‘millennials’ born early 1980s – early 1990s. Their desire is to have more flexible work solutions, have greater connections and collaborative approaches with their colleagues and to be recognised for their skills which are utilised in more entrepreneurial ways. Now you need to consider the upcoming generation, Gen Z. Gen Zs (born between 1994 and 2010) will become a major target for companies recruiting school, college and university leavers in coming years. Do you know what they are looking for in employers?

Gen Z is more entrepreneurial than their predecessors. What does this mean for recruitment and retention?

If you thought Gen Y was entrepreneurial, wait until you meet Gen Z. Seventeen percent of Gen Z versus 11 percent of Gen Y said they wanted to start a business and hire others at some point in the future. Research also shows that they are less motivated by money and more by opportunity for advancement and more meaningful work. They want their work to make a difference to them and others. Researchers and leaders who predict future trends are suggesting that this generation will have an enterprising passion which can be advantageous to their employers.

Study after study show that Gen Ys have an extremely strong entrepreneurial focus, with many planning to start their own businesses at some point in their working life, partly so that they can control their own fate. It is believed that employers can retain them as workers for longer, while leveraging that entrepreneurial spirit, by developing incubator and intrapreneurship programs and opportunities for them within the organisation.

The younger generation are some of the most tech savvy staff to ever enter your organisation. Added to their enterprising mindset it would be foolish not to encourage and support them in more enterprising projects, not only for the good of your staff retention but it must just make good business sense, surely.

Rebecca Jones is an enterprise consultant working with organisations who wish to develop a more enterprising culture and mindset within their workforce. To discuss your workforce and how to develop your organisations enterprise development contact Rebecca on 01570 421301 or contact us. Rebecca also speaks at conferences as a keynote speaker and staff training days about encouraging an enterprising attitude.

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