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Enterprise WithinTM – Staff Engagement

Enterprise WithinTM – Staff Engagement

The third area of Enterprise WithinTM is Staff Engagement. As a business you want staff engagement, but do your employees understand this?
Enterprise Within<sup>TM<sup> - Staff Engagement Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

In his book Employee Engagement Kevin Kruse says: “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation and its goals, resulting in the use of discretionary effort.” His research shows that if an employee is more engaged he/ she is more willing to put in the effort. This will result in better service to customers and higher retention of staff, as well as increased productivity. As a result, this leads to added customer loyalty and increased profit.

To deepen your staff engagement there needs to be clear and honest two way communication which enables everyone to understand what is going on, what is expected of them and what others are doing.

In addition, employee engagement is about staff members knowing their role within the organisation – i.e. what they bring with their expertise. Engaging them in the business process to demonstrate their importance within the success of the organisation is key.

Employees that feel in control, aware of their role and what is expected of them enables the feeling of engagement. The more engaged they become, the more you need to provide the right opportunities to share ideas and enable them to join you in looking at the wider organisational objectives.

For staff to fully take advantage of being engaged within the organisation, they need to be encouraged to share. Those employees who believe they are not listened to will soon become frustrated and will either leave or stop making any further effort to become involved.

Employee engagement does not come through bribery, the promise of a better outcome, emotional manipulation or scare tactics. There are no shortcuts to having more engaged teams.

Think about how much you know about the expertise within your organisation. Is the sharing of ideas taking place in a trusting environment? How will you encourage staff engagement moving forward? Staff engagement is a key part of Enterprise WithinTM and along with the other key areas will help you to establish a more productive, successful environment.




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