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Enterprise WithinTM – Multi-level communication

There are 6 areas within Enterprise WithinTM. Here we take a look at the first area – Multi-level communication.

Enterprise Within<sup>TM</sup> – Multi-level communication Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Many employees from all types of business, hold the belief that communication is key to the success of an organisation. In order to improve and move forward, good clear and honest communication is needed.

Communication is not just about talking, but really communicating to ensure everyone is learning and developing from the experiences they are having.

Communication is the starting point to all things enterprise. From listening to customers and listening to colleagues, suppliers and competitors, it is vital that people not only listen, but share what they hear. What is heard and shared can then be used to make decisions.

In order for staff to feel comfortable in sharing ideas, information and knowledge it is essential that there is trust throughout the organisation and a structure or mechanism in place for staff to be able to share knowledge in a safe way.

Organisations that are the most successful are usually those that see a need and fill that need. This comes from looking, listening and speaking to others, but most of all from understanding the customer and ensuring that the product or service completely meets that need.

The more you listen to your customers’ needs and use that information, the more you will improve the business, whether it Is the quality of service, the product itself or adding additional services that have been requested.

This is “customer-led growth” – your organisation grows and moves forward based on what your clients are requesting.

So ask yourself this! If you had to review your communication levels within your organisation what would you discover?

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