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Enterprise Within – Learning Organisation And Test Labs

Enterprise Within – Learning Organisation and Test Labs

Enterprise Within - Learning Organisation and Test Labs Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker To conclude the 6 areas of Enterprise WithinTM we examine 5 and 6 – Learning Organisation and Test Labs.

Let’s look at these separately and start with Learning Organisation.

Learning Organisation.

People need time and space to learn, but it can be very difficult to learn and develop when faced with a tough work schedule. In order to learn, time for reflection is required.

Time for learning and reflection needs to be built into the very essence of your organisation in order to allow enterprise activities to develop

In addition to time, leadership skills are required to ensure that ideas are embraced and nurtured. Where suitable the ideas are then pushed forward into the wider organisation.

A learning organisation is one that is looking to constantly transform itself and develop by engaging its employees in learning.

There has been much research on knowledge transfer and sharing of learning experiences in the workplace. This has revealed that by respecting each other’s abilities and experiences, people are able to learn and grow from each other within an organisation.

In their work on knowledge transfer, Argote and Ingram (2000) concluded that knowledge transfer within an organisation would place it at a competitive advantage, particularly when learning is across different business units.

Learning across departments often enables new ideas to be developed and implemented with a new found understanding of individual roles within the projects.

How does your organisation keep on learning? Does the knowledge stay when the employees leave?

Test Labs

In many organisations, the implementation of new ideas follows a process. That process is; develop the idea, test the idea, roll out the idea. If the idea doesn’t work once it is launched, then invariably the project is stopped and placed on the failure pile. What a huge waste of time and money.

But there is another way to launch new ideas and projects.

One way of doing this is through project test labs. These test labs are created to enable employees to try out innovative ideas. By running the ideas as tests or pilots it is possible to have more than one idea being worked on at any one time. You can then launch the projects which seem likely to be successful, holding back or curtailing the development of other ideas.

Do you run test labs within your organisation. If so what are they and do you understand the opportunities you could be missing by not having a test lab?

Having read all five articles on Enterprise WithinTM if you think this is something that would benefit your organisation I would be happy to discuss things in further detail with you.


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