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Enterprise WithinTM – Customer Led Growth

Enterprise Within<sup>TM</sup> – Customer Led Growth Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker In this article we examine the second area of Enterprise WithinTM. After the first area, Multi-Level Communication, comes Customer Led Growth.

In many organisations there is a “delivery gap” between what the organisation believes it is delivering to clients and what they believe they are receiving.

Closing the delivery gap sounds easier than it is in reality. You need to understand what causes that gap? Is it quality, price or delivery of expectations? Or is it something else such as; reputation, relationships or the general experience of using your services.

To discover the delivery gap you need to have clear and effective communication with your customers. Then you can consider the information you have collated and use this to discover a way of moving the business forward.

This should be led by what your clients need, rather than what you believe they need. Standing in the shoes of your clients will enable you to see their viewpoint more easily. Listening is key to ensuring you can work towards improving your client experience. Customer led growth is not about giving clients everything they ask for. Sometimes their desires may not be aligned with your organisational abilities or business purpose. However, it is about responding to feedback and listening to ensure your organisation is moving in the right direction.

“Super Supporter”

People who are supportive of you and your ideas / plans etc. Sometimes mentors, colleagues or managers who think you are worth helping. They can also be your customers’ people who love what you do and are willing to tell others about how great you are. Similar to raving fans they help you to reflect and review your work and keep going when things get tough.

Developing services and products that your clients are happy with will make it more likely that they will come back for more. It makes them “Super Supporters” – these are clients who not only use your services, but actively promote your organisation to others.

Ask yourself this – how often do you check in with clients about your company offering. How many Super Supporters do you have within your organisation?

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