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Develop staff that are more innovative, engaged and more enterprising!

Every business owner wants to know how to develop a more enterprising environment surely? Whilst improving the workplace for your employees, you can also exceed customer expectations and increase the bottom line! But how?

The “Enterprise Within™” system enables you to support your team in being more innovative in the way they conduct their work and seeking future opportunities for your business.

This book provides you with the valuable information needed to transform any team into a dynamic, enterprising and engaged workforce.

In today’s business environment staff can feel more undervalued than ever before. They don’t feel they are making a difference and have become disengaged and demotivated. Despite this managers and leaders try in vain to build their businesses considering their staff to be negative and unhelpful.

So how do you turn this around?

Corporate Enterprise or Intrapreneurship is gaining in popularity. It enables staff to be more enterprising, providing them with a way to feel more connected and involved, whilst providing leaders with innovative solutions to build a more prosperous business.

In this new book “Enterprise Within” Rebecca Jones shares her knowledge and experience of creating enterprising teams and provides you with the tools to transform your staff, your customers’ experience and your bottom line.

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If you are running business, or involved in running a business, this is a book you need right alongside you and you need to regularly address the questions it asks. I do believe that no business will win in the future without an enterprise mindset throughout the organisation, with employee led initiatives and ‘ stretchy’ people and this book gives you THE tools to get you on that journey” Roger Harrop, The CEO Expert

Enterprise Within - The Book Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

A clearly written, practical book that leaves the reader in no doubt how valuable an enterprising mindset is to all businesses.  Enterprise Within offers a system to develop individuals, teams and ultimately the organisation to become stronger and more effective.  An excellent manual for leaders and employees.  Dr Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist and Business Psychologist

In a business environment where markets can emerge and disappear almost overnight, growth can be exponential or muted and customer choice is vast in terms if product or channel it will be the organisations that can adapt that will survive; having employees who have an agile mind-set and broad capabilities will enable this. This book helps employers identify the right talent and traits and use that mutually and effectively, thought provoking and practical.  Donna Trapnell, Director, Banking Operations

Enterprise Within - The Book Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Clear, concise and thought provoking this is a must read for anybody wanting to develop an enterprising workforce – Prof Gary Packham, Pro Vice Chancellor (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Anglia Ruskin University.

  • About the author

    At the age of just 19, Rebecca Jones started her first business. She has since established herself within the field of business growth and staff engagement. Holding various qualifications in enterprise and education she has spent the last 17 years researching enterprise. Rebecca has combined two decades of running her own training business with owning a guest house, working in academia and people development.

    In addition to her running her own businesses, she has taught at several business schools on enterprise programs from business start-ups to a Masters in Mentoring Entrepreneurs.

    Focusing on the idea: “Can your staff be more enterprising to help your organisation grow?”, Rebecca has used her knowledge of people development and business growth to provide an interesting blend of thinking and ideas when it comes to achieving business success.

    An extensive client base

    Rebecca clients include banks, national companies, not-for-profit organisations, independent schools, small and large companies, government bodies, and universities. Working with these organisations she has helped them to establish a more enterprising approach. She connects enterprise with engaging staff, listening to customer needs, and building sustainable approaches to organisational growth and stability.

    Continuous research

    Rebecca has developed her work with clients to blend staff engagement and business development. Her hands on experience has taught her that many staff feel disconnected to the development of an organisation, often because they have little or no knowledge of how the organisation runs and how enterprise can be successful.

    Proven results

    Rebecca has worked with clients who wish their staff were more involved in their organisation. She is often brought in to encourage and support business development as well as staff engagement, with great results. It is this work which has led to the development of her own approach “Enterprise Within™” and this book.

This book demonstrates how your team could become an untapped resource when it comes to innovation and inspiration, enabling your organisation to become strong and stable in the future.

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“Whilst on the surface this book is about enterprise, there are some great internal communications lessons here for people in all sorts of organisations of all sizes and sectors.” Gwyn Williams, Director of Communications, S4C.

“A compelling read for anyone who wants to expand their awareness and find constructive guidance on how to embed an Enterprise Mind-Set into their organisation.” – Christine Marsh CPT, Business Relationships Expert & International Speaker

“Aligning your people to your organisation and realising the potential in both is essential to any organisation’s success.  This book gives you the opportunity to engage and empower with its unique and refreshing “enterprise within” approach. A must read book!” – Julian John, MD Delsion HR & Disability Inclusion Consultancy

Enterprise Within - The Book Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

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