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If you lead an organisation or have a role to play in the development of an organisation you will know that some of the most influential areas currently considered include staff engagement, client led development and mind-set for growth. If you find you are trying to juggle all these things as well as trying to reduce costs, increase profits and generally keep up to date it’s no wonder you’re too exhausted to also come up with ideas on developing new more enterprising solutions.

More and more staff within organisations are being asked to take responsibility for the business growth, to find income streams, be more enterprising and customer focused.  Organisations can often become cumbersome beasts with processes and procedures. Yet we live in a fast paced world where our clients often expect immediate response, quick decisions and simple solutions. Well let’s be honest. What they want is a responsive service adapted to their needs. But are your processes tying your staff up in knots? Do they know what the customer wants but can’t deliver it because “we just don’t do things like that around here?”

Encouraging and enabling your staff to have an enterprising mind-set will resolve this conflict; giving them more resilience to cope in difficult situations, a greater understanding of the decision making process and more autonomy to carry out their role in your organisation.

Why give staff this freedom? Working in this way enables greater productivity, happier staff, more fulfilled teams, higher numbers of returning customers, money saving ideas, development of new income streams, increased profitability, fewer complaints and what’s more it helps grow your organisation through a more collaborative approach.

Over the last 24 years of running my own businesses and 18 years of training employees and business leaders to improve their organisations through business development and personal development, I have seen how business decisions rely on slow processes or referring everything to more senior staff members. This leaves staff feeling disconnected from the business process and disengaged from the success of the business. Your staff can connect with your clients and improve your business if only they feel empowered and knowledgeable. In my sessions staff will see how they can help themselves and their employer to be more successful and leaders can understand how to improve their business by increasing enterprise within their teams.

Enterprise training solutions

“Enterprise Within™” is a strategy to enable an enterprising mind-set within your organisation whatever its size. You know that to keep an organisation thriving, and more importantly growing, it takes more than one good idea. In fact, you already know you need your staff to engage more and support the organisation so that it can be stable and focused on delivering the best possible, thus transforming it from being a good company to a great one.

I have helped implement “Enterprise Within™” in many organisations; from a whole host of one man and one woman band businesses to various SME’s, charities, multinational companies and a bank. By giving you and your staff the skills and confidence to embrace a more enterprising way of working within safe parameters, you can watch your organisation grow.

So why Enterprise Within™?

If you are looking at building a more stable organisation or a better way of working, want to save money or provide better customer experiences, intrapreneurship is the right thing for you. However, this needs an organisational approach rather than individuals or teams working separately on ideas and projects. This is where “Enterprise Within” comes into action.

The training sessions look at:

  • engaging the staff more in business development
  • increasing communication with teams
  • considering customer led development
  • understanding how organisational learning will increase new ways of thinking
  • find a way to collaborate and share responsibility
  • test run ideas before implementing them in the organisation

Enterprise training Rebecca delivers

Each topic can be delivered as a 45 minute talk, a 3 hour mastermind session or a one day training session. Depending on the need of your event or organisation you can select the best solution. The talk introduces the concept and explains the benefits, provides examples and encourages the listeners to consider the ideas. The mastermind session provide an opportunity for the delegates to explore the topic further and consider how they may adopt the ideas and the one day training course provides ideas, examples and an opportunity to develop an action plan. Topics available are:

  • Bringing in long lasting clients by adopting an enterprising mind-set
  • Developing new income streams by engaging with your employees
  • Why enterprise should be your business
  • “Enterprise Within™” workshops for your organisation? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker Understanding enterprise within an organisation 
  • Enterprise for non-entrepreneurial staff
  • How to build a profitable social enterprise
  • Encouraging enterprise as a manager or leader
  • Developing an enterprise as a third sector organisation
  • Visioning and planning a new enterprise (business or income stream)

Previous clients include:

  • Housing Quality Network
  • Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru
  • Ceredigion Care Society
  • Community Housing Cymru – Building Enterprise Project
  • Community Music Wales
  • Menter Aberteifi
  • Rec Rock – Community Music development
  • Gisda
  • ERS Consultancy Ltd
  • Bangor University
  • University of South Wales
  • Swansea Met University
  • Trinity St Davids University group
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