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What Do We Mean By An Enterprising Mind-set?

What do we mean by an enterprising mind-set?

What do we mean by an enterprising mind-set? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker Your mind-set is a powerful tool both positively and negatively. It is a key element to your success or failure. People with the wrong mind-set find it difficult to be successful.

Our individual mind-set is often based on our perceptions of reality. I might perceive I am or am not good at doing something. That perception could be based on reality, i.e. real experience, or it could be based on what I think to be true i.e. things I have been told by others or things I have told myself.

If your mind-set is that you are unable to do something, for example windsurfing, then you believe that to be true. If you believe you can’t windsurf and lessons, training and practice would make little difference, you are just rubbish at windsurfing, then it’s likely you won’t try, you won’t put the effort in and guess what….you probably won’t be any good at windsurfing.

Maybe you did try windsurfing once and someone said you weren’t very good, just as a throw away remark. Even so you took that to heart and now you have replayed that comment in your head so much that you truly believe you are no good. But if you changed you negative mind-set about windsurfing and said “well I might not be any good at it now but if I try and work hard that could change”, then it is possible that you can achieve and be at least reasonably good at windsurfing.

Enterprise is the same as windsurfing

Well OK maybe it isn’t exactly the same as windsurfing. You might not get so wet, or need to balance on a moving object, however, just like with my example of windsurfing, enterprise is about learning, trying, having a go, sometimes failing but learning from those mistakes and trying again. Getting back up and trying again and again until you are successful. Because like windsurfing, it is something you have to learn to do. It’s a combination of skills that, used together, can enable you to achieve an outcome.

An enterprising mind-set is about focusing on the possibilities

An enterprise mind-set is fundamentally about being focused on opportunities or possibilities. These opportunities, when explored, lead to an idea being developed, from that idea a shift, or change occurs which improves a situation or provides a solution which adds value.

Whilst enterprise doesn’t have to be about adding financial value or business growth, much of my work, and that discussed around enterprise mind-set is about achieving financial gain either directly or indirectly. But in deed you can have an enterprising mind-set around non value benefits such as community activities. For now let’s accept we are talking about enterprise mind-set as a way of being which will add value of a financial kind to an organisation.

An enterprise mind-set includes (although not exclusively):

  • Being open to new ideas and opportunities
  • Having a can do attitude, being enthusiastic and willing to try
  • Problem solving and resourcefulness
  • Building relationships
  • Understanding the need to provide customer focused solutions
  • Seeing how and why an enterprising idea can and is successful
  • Being focused and goal orientated
  • The ability to focus on an idea or project until it is successful or seen as not worth pursuing
  • Seeing how your idea connects to the bigger picture
  • Self-motivation and self-reliance
  • Being inquisitive and willing to ask questions to find the best solutions
  • Having the ability to recover and pick yourself up when faced with failure
  • Learning from mistakes

Whilst some people consider enterprise to be a personality type that you either are or are not, this is unlikely to be correct. Much of the skills needed to be enterprising can be developed and adopted. Rather it would seem it is about changing your mind-set and seeing that, if you want to and if you try, you could be more enterprising.

If you would like your staff to have a more enterprising mind-set and build their confidence around developing and bringing to life their ideas speak to Rebecca about her masterclasses and talks for staff at all levels of the organisation.

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