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Is Enterprise Development The Tao Of Business Success?

Is enterprise development the Tao of business success?

If you feel your business is struggling to move up to the next level or has become stale, it is possible that developing enterprising staff could be the way forward for you. In fact I would go as far as to say I believe that for businesses to keep growing and developing they need to harness the know-how of their staff and utilise their ideas in a more creative and enterprising way.

Are you confused about what makes a business successful?

It?s no wonder because everywhere you go, from business networks to business conferences, and everything you read, in business magazines, newspapers and business websites, all tell you what they believe you need in order to make your business a success. From marketing, sales, social media, developing your ideas, condensing your ideas, being more creative, niching, understanding your marketplace and well the list goes on and on. It?s all so confusing isn’t it? So what should you be concentrating on in order to build a successful business or a more secure organisation?

I believe that enterprise development could be the answer to your problems as it not only looks at income generation but also the experiences of your customers and your staff.

Enterprising staff: Could they be the way forward for your business?

Developing a more entrepreneurial spirit within your teams can enable you to share the burden of business success rather than shouldering it all as the owner or leader of the business.

On the whole organisations that encourage an enterprise culture within their workforce believe it to be a way of discovering new ideas, encouraging new solutions and enabling individuals to play to their strengths. Being entrepreneurial minded doesn’t mean you have to work for yourself; more and more organisations are seeing the value of enterprising staff.

So what do we mean by enterprise development in the workplace? Simply put it?s about encouraging, supporting and enabling your staff to think for themselves in order to make changes, develop ideas and generally improve things for the benefit of the customers as well as the business and themselves as staff members.

Let?s consider an example. A shop selling gifts and household items notices local people saying they mean to buy items but forget or don?t find it easy as the shop is in a no stop area of the high street. Yet they love the items and often mean to purchase them as gifts when they are going away. The shop also has an on-line store which is doing well. The staff decide that by offering local people to buy on-line but then collect from the shop at an agreed time would make purchases easier. The staff can pop out with the item which has already been paid for and wrapped ready when the client rings a bell at the rear entrance to the shop. The owner of the shop leaves the staff to work out the details and try different ideas until a firm solution has been agreed. A simple idea which has increased profits and sales to local people previously put off by having to park further away and carry heavier items.

Simple enterprise development ideas

Some of the ideas staff will come up with may be really simple and others more complex and have costs attached. By allowing them to consider their own ideas and carry them out for themselves they are more likely to feel engaged and part of the development and growth of the business.

Once staff are used to being trusted and encouraged to come up with more innovative solutions they may come up with other larger projects and ideas. I recently worked with a print company and the staff realised clients were often lost or their jobs not completed correctly when there was miscommunication from the sales team to the production staff.? One of the sales team decided that it would be better for a link person to be assigned to each sales person from the customer service team. That way they could develop a closer working relationship and provide a smoother process for the clients. In addition, all members of the team understood each other?s roles better and could support each other throughout the process; the sales team being better able to suggest the best solutions and the production team better understanding the needs of the client and things which can cause problems. The solution came from the staff rather than management and they could see how they could progress the idea in order to develop more business for the company, but in the meantime it was helping to retain the customers they had.

Staff can generate NEW business ideas too via enterprise development

If given space staff can come up with new ideas to spin out from your business or organisation or develop new income streams. They know your business, your customers and their skills best and can often come up with ideas which are ideal for you to spin out with their support and input.

The more staff see the value of being innovative and enterprising the more they are likely to embrace growth and customer service as a whole rather than as exclusive areas for development.

If you would like to encourage staff to be more enterprising book Rebecca to speak at your staff conference or training event NOW by calling 01570 421301 or contact us?and find out how to increase enterprise development in your organisation.

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