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Do It Or Ditch It ? Are You An Entrepreneur With Too Many Ideas?

Do it or ditch it ? Are you an entrepreneur with too many ideas?

It?s so exciting being in business some days, the ability to make your own plans, decide your own direction and come up with wonderful, sometimes wacky and sometimes downright genius ideas. But are these ideas the reason your business is failing? Could your boundless energy and drive be stifling your business growth? Is it just possible that your drive and ambition is causing you problems?

This is something I call the ?shiny bug?. Lots of entrepreneurs suffer from it: being distracted by new shiny ideas, thoughts and projects and not seeing things through to the end.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is
you can make your own decisions

And sometimes

The worst thing about being an entrepreneur is
you can make your own decisions

It is so easy to get wrapped up in chasing another opportunity or exciting idea, adding more and more things to your to do list and, well, dumping the real to do list altogether. The reality is if you’re trying to work on too many ideas, none of them are getting the attention they deserve. They are in fact stifling your ability to build a successful business.

Let’s think of your business as a small puppy. They love a new toy or a new person, they get all excited and have great fun. They spend time getting to know the new toy and working it out. But if you give them a whole heap of new toys or people they start to become over excited and mischievous, usually dashing around and barking and generally becoming a big nuisance.

Are all your ideas becoming a distraction and a nuisance?

New ideas and projects are great, but you need to decide how much time you can take from the rest of your business to really look into and develop a new idea. Realistically can you work on one new idea each week, month or each year? Depending on the project, and of course your resources, this may change. But you really need to be realistic and tough on yourself. Are your ideas just a whim, a way of distracting you from the day to day of your real business?

Ideas: To do it or to ditch it

This may seem harsh but to avoid spending too much time on new ideas and projects that potentially will not turn into anything or make you any money, you have to decide early on, before you put too much time and effort into it: Is this idea worth putting in time and money or shall I move on or spend time on my core business instead?

Many of the successful business people I meet say that being able to decide quickly if something is worth considering or spending time on is key to success. Working on new things can take up huge amounts of time and energy and it is often best to spend that same time doing the things on your core business that need doing and can make a real difference now.

Still struggling to know what ideas ditch?

Have you thought about a trusted advisor or business mentor who can help you see the wood from the trees? Their ability to keep you focused, help you work on what’s important for your business and also encourage and support new ideas in the best way for you and your business could be just what you need.

Interested in working with Rebecca as your business mentor??Contact the office now for more information about her business mentoring packages.

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    1. It can be hard to make these decisions just remember your not saying you will never do the new ideas just that now is not the right time.

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