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How To Develop An Enterprising Mind-set

How to develop an enterprising mind-set

How to develop an enterprising mind-set Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Successful organisations need people with an enterprising mind-set. Building a successful business needs the right focus from you, the leader of the business, and the staff you employ.

Encouraging and enabling your staff to have an enterprising mind-set can help unlock solutions, give staff more resilience to cope in difficult situations, provide them with a greater understanding of the decision-making process and more autonomy to carry out their role in your organisation. It is not about risk taking or giving staff total freedom but a safe structure to help the business grow.

But what does that look like and can it be learnt or are people just born that way? I believe it is possible to develop an enterprising mind-set by adopting some or all of the following traits.

  • Focus on opportunities and possibilities in a situation not problems that need fixing.
  • Listen to the views of others and consider their needs when developing solutions. Enterprise is about putting customers at the heart of all decisions.
  • Look at how things can be developed and improved even if they currently seem good, can you move things to the next level
  • Be willing to take action.
  • Accept you are responsible for your actions and will need to see things through and be accountable.
  • Use every opportunity to learn and develop, even if your not successful you can always learn from events
  • Share your learning with others so that they can also learn and grow from your experiences
  • Develop a bounce back ability, when things go wrong your ability to pick yourself up and try again will set you apart and enable you to be enterprising.

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