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Creating Enterprise Opportunities in Large Organisations

Creating Enterprise Opportunities in Large Organisations Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker First off let’s take it as read that encouraging enterprise is a good thing in any organisation. “Corporate Enterprise” is the idea of supporting your employees to consider new ways of delivering services and products, developing new ideas, products and projects for the benefit of your organisation. In order for your employees to be more enterprising they need the encouragement and support of senior staff members.

You could start supporting enterprise by considering these main steps required for staff to shift their current thinking. You need to:-

    • Encourage a culture of enterprise mind-set, motivation and behaviours within your team
    • Enable staff to see opportunities both internal and external to your organisation
    • Support staff so they can consider those opportunities and how they can benefit the organisation
    • Champion enterprise activities within your organisation
    • Provide encouragement and support for your staff to be more enterprising
    • Ensure there is reassurance for your staff members that if they are involved in enterprise activities they will not be unduly penalised if those activities fail

Next you need to ensure your employees have the knowledge and information required to bring ideas forward which suit the general aims of the organisation as well as the intended future plans. The more informed they are about your aims as an organisation as well as the needs of customers the easier it is for them to develop ideas for the future prosperity of the organisation.

When the above elements are joined by an individual or team of individuals who have an enterprising mind-set, new ideas will be developed and considered in a way which is beneficial to the employer. If you are starting out in the area of enterprise development in the workplace consider these core elements first:-

Creating Enterprise Opportunities in Large Organisations Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

By having firm foundations where you are able to communicate from to ensure your teams are well informed and knowledgeable, they will be able to make better decisions and feel more involved.  Added to which if you can encourage them to be more aware of the larger environment they work in, keeping an eye on customer needs and competitor developments they will understand why your organisation needs to continuously develop. By providing support and building trust the staff will feel more comfortable in developing their enterprising ideas. All in all this will develop your staff to become and feel more engaged and this in turn leads to more enterprising teams.

Much of the work on developing enterprising teams has looked at the mind-set of the staff and leaders. If you are interested in running a workshop on enterprise mind-set in your organisation contact me for information and a price today


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