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Highly experienced business and executive coach and mentor working with those who wish to grow themselves and the business they are in

If you are feeling alone as a business leaders, owner or executive, there is a better way. I promise.

Increasingly individuals and organisations are discovering the benefit of working with an executive or business coach like myself. Someone who has been there themselves, had the same frustrations and struggles as you and worked with hundreds of others to understand different approaches, ideas and solutions

At the heart of all the work I deliver is my belief that we can all achieve more if we alter our mindset and review our skills and abilities.

Having failed at school I started my first business at the age of 19. Nearly three decades as a business owner and several businesses later I now focus on encouraging others to be more willing to step up and achieve in the world of work and business.

If you want you or your team members to think differently and consider the needs of your service users, utilise the skills set of their colleagues, develop new projects whilst understanding the organisations needs and overcoming barriers, then you are going to love my work on Stretchy Thinking.

Stretchy Thinking is my own model used by many clients to combine innovation, mindset and a culture of growth. We can look at this and other models for personal and organisational development.


I’m Rebecca Jones. I am known for my work as a motivational business speaker, business coach / mentor, author and trainer in enterprise development innovation and growth mindset. My aim in life is to empower those who own or lead a business so that they, their team and their business can be as successful as they can be. I am known for my work around developing entrepreneurs, supporting boards to add additional income streams and working with senior teams to build stronger organisations.

In reality, I help individuals think differently. I show them how to overcome hurdles and break down barriers. My “Stretchy Thinking” alters mindsets and empowers individuals for personal and organisational growth.

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What drives me? 

I failed at school, miserably. In fact school was just miserable. Considered unacademic, it took another lens to look through to realise that success was possible. I then started my first business at 19.

Twenty nine years and four businesses later, everything I have learned I pass to others – encouraging them to embrace transformation and be willing to step up.

At the centre of all my work, lies the belief that we can all achieve more if we alter our mindset – a belief that has led me to where I am today.


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