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Why You Should Care About Staff Engagement?

Why you should care about staff engagement?

Why you should care about staff engagement? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Connecting staff for great results

There are many facts and figures banded about regarding staff engagement such as “one in two staff members are disengaged” and “two out of every three employees feel overwhelmed” or how about “90% of Leaders think an engagement strategy has an impact on business success but barely 25% of them have a strategy”. But how much of this do we really know about engagement in relation to your staff?

Here are some of my own thoughts regarding things we know about staff engagement and how you could consider making changes in your organisation:-

Staff who feel more engaged have increased productivity levels

To help staff feel engaged can you agree on the productivity rates you are expecting through consultations with them rather than dictating targets?

  • Can you involve them in the discussions around profit levels and the need to improve productivity for the long-term sustainability of the organisation?
  • What ideas do your staff have about how they can improve productivity by removing unnecessary tasks and other barriers to completing their work?

Sometimes as the leader, you are unaware of the small niggles which hold up staff members that can be easily resolved once you are aware of them.

Engaged employees provide better levels of customer satisfaction

When staff members feel valued and appreciated it is more likely that they will reflect this via the customer experience.  However, if your staff members feel they are under appreciated, clearly the opposite occurs.

  • Can you improve staff members’ connection with the organisation through more open communication about the aims and vision of the organisation?
  • Can you help staff understand how their commitment to the clients will not only affect the organisation’s bottom line but their own opportunities now and in the future?

More engaged team members reduces sickness rates

There is a direct correlation between staff engagement and absenteeism rates.  By improving morale and the team bond, staff members are more likely to want to support each other and would see taking time off ill as letting down their colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

  • Can you do projects with your teams that help them build stronger bonds and value each other more?

Lower staff turnover can be related to engaged staff

It isn’t a surprise to learn staff who feel more connected to their employer are less likely to leave.  However, did you know that 64% of employees feel their skills and abilities are not being fully utilised?  Furthermore, this often leads them to seek out new opportunities that they believe another employer will make more use of their abilities and their skills will be valued.

  • Can you spend time understanding what additional skills your staff members have, how you can make use of them and reward them for their abilities and not just time input?

Staff engagement is valuable and is more than just giving staff treats and praise when they achieve something. For more information about how you can improve staff engagement in your organisation get in touch with Rebecca and see what difference she can make to your teams.

Why you should care about staff engagement? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee survey tool that shows you how to encourage employee recognition to create a greater workplace.

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