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Business Speakers Can’t Completely Change Your Organisation Overnight, But Would You Want Them To?

Business speakers can’t completely change your organisation overnight, but would you want them to?

Business speakers can’t completely change your organisation overnight, but would you want them to? Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker Last week I had a call from a potential new client. I love these calls, I get to find out what’s troubling the organisation, its leaders and its staff members. Usually I find out about what’s gone wrong, what they have tried, things that have actually worked and if or why they feel stuck. I usually get asked to be the motivational business speaker at their conference and help them change.

But what change do they or you really want to see and can I make that change happen overnight? Okay so I’m playing with you here, no one really expects a one-hour keynote to completely change an organisation overnight. So what could you expect when you call someone like me into your organisation? Well you can expect me to come with ideas knowledge and experience of other organisations, things I have tried and my research work. Most importantly I come in with a willingness to question the status quo to ask if there is another way. My role is to open the possibilities and consider a different way.

Business speaker or motivational speaker?

Do you know what you really need? Do your staff just need to be motivated or do your staff need to learn or consider something new?

If your aim is to help your staff see a different way or different perspective to help them become more motivated and self-directed in how they work and live their lives then a motivational speaker is probably what you need. But if your team lack some knowledge or understanding about an element of your organisation then you need a business speaker. However if you need your staff to think about things in a different way, to have a different perspective and at the same time gain new knowledge and the confidence and desire to implement such change then what you need is a motivational business speaker. There are many people who fall into this category and each one has their own twist, point of view or key theme.

What can you expect from a motivational business speaker?

Well if I’m honest that depends on what you need and ask for. I feel it is something which you need to discuss with the speaker to ensure they understand what is needed. In addition you need to know if they can deliver the information you need in a way that suits your audience. Not forgetting that you may want them to also be entertaining or funny as well as having core information and takeaway ideas that your staff can implement. Oh and don’t forget you want all of this in just one hour during the conference.

An external voice at your conference

The motivational business speaker is the external voice your conference. Someone who can shake things up a bit. Someone who can really inspire your team and give them the confidence and motivation to try something new. Next time you’re thinking of booking a speaker for your conference or event look to someone who wants to work with you to add value and help inspire change. Find out who else they have worked with and understand what impact they have made.

If you want to know more about my conference speaking work check out my information here or call me to discuss your needs on 07971 626699.

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