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Rebecca Jones is a leader and motivator with infectious enthusiasm. Rebecca’s honesty in sharing her personal story about how she overcame barriers to build the life she believes in is uplifting and inspires the sense that we can all achieve more with effort and willingness to learn and grow. Rebecca is the growth mindset personified, she talks openly about her own doubts and questions in a way that is relatable and I’m sure resonates with many of us. Rebecca makes the growth mindset so much more relatable with everyday language with for example – be a stretchy person – push your own limits of what is possible! I also enjoyed Rebecca’s no nonsense straight talking with the clear message that if people “don’t like the job, don’t take organisations money”, I so agree with that.

Mark Hodder

Rebecca gave the keynote address at our Swindon & Wiltshire Women in Business Conference 2017. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her pre-event communication, her desire to understand our needs and adapt her presentation to meet them, her warmth and approachability …all made for easy and effective planning. On the day she delivered superbly – her talk was interactive, fun, insightful and motivating. The feedback was all positive and people continue to reference her presentation months later. Thanks Rebecca.

Jol Rose, Centre Manager Manor House Enterprise Centre

Although I have seen clips of Rebecca speaking on stage, tonight was the first time I’d seen her speak live.

She is superb! Passionate, enlightening and entertaining. Clear takeaways, simple concepts and strong business lessons about being stretchable rather than flexible.

Very natural on stage, effective slides and fun props. Definitely recommendable!

Mark Lee, Accountancy futurist and key note speaker

I met Rebecca at a recent Thames Valley Professional Speakers Association monthly meeting. She had the final slot of a 5 hour long meeting so had a hard slot. She was not phased and produced a very entertaining and informative talk. she has great stage presence and her use of props and the audience was well balanced. She left you in no doubt about the stretchy thinking idea and how it could be used to increase profits. I would thoroughly recommend Rebecca but if you want a straight-laced presenter then look elsewhere because this is one crazy and joyous lady, once met never forgotten

Tony K Silver, LinkedIn expert

I’ve seen Rebecca speak twice now. Her concepts and ideas about developing enterprise within businesses and innovation through the concept of ‘stretchy staff’ is something I try to apply and remember every day when managing my business.
Always very professional, but friendly and approachable, Rebecca will engage her audience by sharing her first hard experiences (some bad, some good) and asking about problems and challenges the audience face themselves. I would highly recommend!

Gretchen Betts, Magenta Financial Planning

Rebecca Jones was completely full of energy as she shared with the audience her knowledge, expertise and passion. Through fantastic inspiring interaction within the session she helped us all develop our enterprising mindset. All participants were energised and with a growth mindset to further their business and I would highly recommend her.

Steve Judge, Two times triathlon world champion

It was my pleasure to personally attend Rebecca’s presentation – Stretch your thinking: create a growth mindset. She was very friendly, enthusiastic and an excellent communicator. Her ability to engage the audience and “storytelling” kept the presentation effective and participants interested throughout the session. The content is relevant to both professional and personal development. Her presentation slides are simple but each has unique meanings behind it. Overall, it was a great session and we received really positive feedback from participants. I would highly recommend her presentation! Thank you, Rebecca!

Coco Li - CIBC Bank

Very inspiring and very educative lecture was delivered at UWTSD, School of Business and Management on the importance of having an enterprising mind set especially at the formative stage of a business.

Abdoulie Conteh

I am student at UWTSD. Very inspiring and very educative lecture was delivered at UWTSD, School of Business and Management on the importance of having an enterprising mind set especially at the formative stage of a business. Equally important is for leaders to recognise it and engage employees having such a mind-set for better performance which you alluded to. Hope I will be opportune again to benefit from your immense knowledge on this subject in due course.

Abdoulie Conteh University student

Rebecca has been great and really pushed the company forward. I would recommend her support to anyone in our position. Her holistic approach to business support focussed on the areas we needed and we were able to quickly cut to the areas that needed the most attention.


Dan Fitzgerald, Rec Rock (Social Enterprise)

Dear Rebecca, a big thanks from us all at BPW for being our Speaker at our President’s Dinner. We enjoyed your anecdotes and hopefully will be inspired to take the message to the women of Llandudno! Wishing you every success in your future, Regards

Diane, BPW Llandudno

Rebecca consistently demonstrates an ability to provide genuine, practical and effective support in a highly ethical manner. She is clear and unambiguous in her business relationships and has an empowering and enabling approach that produces enthusiasm and sustainable improvement.
I have enjoyed working with Rebecca and would not hesitate to recommend her to others!

Richard Andrews

Rebecca is a world class mentor and she really helps you achieve your goals. I highly recommend you have a chat and talk about how mentoring can help you in your business.

Sarah Arrow, Consultant

Rebecca is a consummate professional, dynamic and with a depth and breadth of knowledge gained through direct personal experience. I have been impressed by Rebecca’s creativity, drive and integrity.

Dr Dee Gray

Rebecca engaged with the audience of almost 200 immediately, her vitality, energy and enthusiasm was infectious. Spreading the word on self-marketing and promotion through the social media. Thanks for a great experience.

John S Morgan, Aquarius Training & Dev Partners

Rebecca was a pleasure to deal with in the run up to the conference and she was just as lovely in person. She engaged all the delegates, she was witty, charismatic and a delight to watch. I received great feedback about Rebecca and am thrilled she came to speak at my event. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Charlotte Pears, Biz Mums Unite

You were really down to earth with no fancy talk. Lots of thought provoking ideas and suggestions. I signed up as I?ve been feeling rather overwhelmed and under-motivated about my online business and your webinar seems to have given me a boost. I tend to focus on the negative, and after listening to you, I have a lengthy list of positives which I didn?t realise were there.

Lisa Jackson, Baby Not Included

As soon as Rebecca started speaking I was drawn to listen by her energy and enthusiasm. Rebecca used a story to get over her message which made what she had to say interesting. Her talk was relevant to the audience and contained elements that not only made you feel motivated but also some really helpful tips that could be taken away and used straight away.

Mark Martin

Rebecca is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker who gets the balance between capturing the attention of the audience and imparting genuine knowledge and information, just right.

Mike Scott, THE Group


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