About me and my work

A motivational business speaker for innovation, growth mindset, business growth, staff engagement, personal achievement and enterprise 


You know that your business could move forward, faster, with inspired, motivated people.

I’ll build their confidence, generate ideas and ensure they leave with a plan (and an approach for implementing it).

On their return, your team will jump into innovation and enterprise activities – embracing their role in a more sustainable future.

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Then get set for a “no nonsense, plenty of fun” kind of event speaker.

Business focused, but fun. That’s what they tell me my style is. My sessions are made to engage and motivate – designed so everyone walks away with actionable steps that can be instantly put into practice.

My sessions are content rich, full of stories and packed with research-backed theories from many years of practical experience.

Here’s what I promise you – we’ll come up with a strategy for your team, for maximum event impact.

I’m Rebecca Jones. You could call me a workshop leader and a conference keynote speaker. You could, but those titles don’t quite describe what I really do.

In reality, I help teams think differently. I show them how to overcome hurdles and break down barriers. My “Stretchy Thinking” alters mindsets and empowers individuals for organisational growth.

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What drives me? 

I failed at school, miserably. In fact school was just miserable. Considered unacademic, it took another lens to look through to realise that success was possible. I then started my first business at 19.

Twenty nine years and four businesses later, everything I have learned I pass to others – encouraging them to embrace transformation and be willing to step up.

At the centre of every talk, lies the belief that we can all achieve more if we alter our mindset – a belief that has led me to where I am today.


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Meet Rebecca

I’m a qualified teacher with many business qualifications (including a Master’s degree in education)

How I Work

My interactive talks and workshops blend academic research with a working knowledge of people development and business growth


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