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Rebecca Jones is a:

  • motivational business speaker

  • workshop facilitator

  • author of “Enterprise Within” and “Business Start up – your own way”

  • creator of  “Stretchy Thinking”

 “You’ll never make anything of yourself”.

“You should lower your expectations”.

“Education isn’t for you”.

Those were the words of a long line up of my teachers (and those words were compounded by my dyslexia). Having left school at 16 with a handful of non-academic O-levels, they could easily have been right.

Headstrong as I was, I was determined that I would prove them wrong, and I embarked on a variety of jobs throughout the care sector.

At 19, I jumped head first into running a business. I quickly learned that it wasn’t as easy as it had seemed, and I returned to education, quickly finding a new love for learning (perhaps education was for me, after all). Rather than allowing my dyslexia to hold me back, it instead challenged me to find my own way to success.

In my mid 20’s, I set up a training company that would open the door to those with promise and potential (many of whom are the same people that are also told only of their limitations).

Far from education “not being for me”, I’m now a qualified teacher with a variety of business qualifications (including a Master’s degree in education). I’ve also been involved in academia and research, as well as lecturing and writing about enterprise and business.

Today my work draws upon my knowledge of people development and business growth.

My clientele includes banks, national companies, not-for-profits, independent schools, small and large companies, government bodies and universities. Not bad for someone who “would never make something of herself”.


‘Enterprise Within’ and ‘Stretchy Thinking’

My work comes from the melting pot of my personal and professional lives – inspired by my experiences as a trainer, business owner, mum and (wait for it) grandmother (a brand-new learning curve in itself!).

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