“Rebecca is a motivating and fun keynote speaker. Her insight stories and ideas have inspired others to think differently”.

Does your organisation need to transform?

Let me work with you to…

  • Improve customer experience
  • Overcome problems with staff engagement
  • Find innovative solutions to your problems
  • Enable your staff to be more enterprising, innovative and involved
  • Develop your staff to be more confident in taking actions for themselves

Is your organisation ready to take action?

Let me work with you to…

  • Develop simple tools for greater staff involvement in innovation
  • Help leaders push for innovation
  • Inspire whole teams to be enterprising
  • Enable your team members to build profits through greater engagement
  • Embed “Stretchy Thinking” in your organisation

Through fun, stories and  activities, my audiences embrace growth mindset, overcome obstacles  and become more business focused.

Your people will arrive with challenges, and leave knowing they are capable of achieving the incredible.

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Rebecca Jones is a leader and motivator with infectious enthusiasm. Rebecca’s honesty in sharing her personal story about how she overcame barriers to build the life she believes in is uplifting and inspires the sense that we can all achieve more with effort and willingness to learn and grow. Rebecca is the growth mindset personified, she talks openly about her own doubts and questions in a way that is relatable and I’m sure resonates with many of us. Rebecca makes the growth mindset so much more relatable with everyday language with for example – be a stretchy person – push your own limits of what is possible! I also enjoyed Rebecca’s no nonsense straight talking with the clear message that if people “don’t like the job, don’t take organisations money”, I so agree with that.

Mark Hodder

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Hurdles, barriers, road blocks.

We need to understand why these happen to ourselves and others. ‘Stretchy Thinking’ does this perfectly. Created to help others to achieve their potential, overcome their barriers and create innovative solutions.

Stretchy Thinking


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  • Build a more innovative and enterprising organisation 
  • Startup a business

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