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Engage. Stretch. Grow.

Your staff could and should be your best source of innovation. They are capable of delivering exceptional customer experiences, taking ownership of growing your organisation and having the kind of enterprising thinking that proves to be a game changer.

You could call me a workshop leader and conference keynote speaker.

You could, but those titles don’t quite describe what I really do.

In fact, I help teams think differently – overcoming hurdles and breaking down barriers. I alter mindsets and empower individuals.

Let’s discuss your needs on 07971 626699 or send me an enquiry now.

Explore my core areas of work…

Home - Growth Mindset and Enterprise Business Keynote Speaker Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

Give your teams the chance to change how they think about the barriers they face. Hand them what they need to take control, achieve more, be more successful and increase their confidence by showing them how to change the way they think.

My ‘Stretchy Thinking’ talk will let your people in on the mindset and psychology of success (minus the heavy science, with fun sprinkled throughout). We’ll sensitively explore common personal barriers, and how to hurdle them.

This talk can focus on how you approach: sales, innovation, staff management, enterprise, education, leadership and personal development.

Home - Growth Mindset and Enterprise Business Keynote Speaker Rebecca Jones Motivational Speaker

My talk “Enterprise Within” is for organisations who wish to develop that are more innovative, engaged and enterprising!  Developing “Enterprising Within” gives individuals and teams insights and practical tools to consider more innovative approaches to providing services and products to customers.

Focusing on making use of the skills within the organisation to answer the needs of customers while considering the bottom line for the business. In this helps staff understand how they can add value through being more enterprising and innovative in their day to day work. Based on my book “Enterprise Within” with activities and ideas based on my own experiences developing enterprises.

A motivational business speaker for growth mindset, business growth, staff engagement, personal achievement and enterprise

At the heart of every talk that I deliver is my belief that we can all achieve more if we alter our mindset, and view things with another lens. Having failed at school I started my first business at the age of 19. Twenty six years and four businesses later I now focus on encouraging others to embrace enterprise and be more willing to step up and achieve in the world of work and business.

Using fun, stories and activities to explain growth mindset, overcoming obstacles and being more business focused, your audiences will leave believing they have the ability to achieve more.

Let me help you and your team to achieve:

  • A growth mindset
  • Stretchy Thinking
  • Growth business
  • Increased profitability
  • More sustainable ways of working
  • Better customer service
  • Improved staff engagement
  • Higher staff retention

I have worked with organisations to establish a growth mindset, organsiational growth, a more enterprising approach, develop staff engagementand  building sustainable approaches to organisational growth and stability.

My talks are a blend of my knowledge of people development and business growth to provide an interesting blend of thinking and ideas when it comes to business success. “Can your staff be more enterprising to help your organisation grow?” “Is mindset holding you, your team and your organisation back”? Then let me help you.

I’m told that I provide a fun approach to learning and a relaxed but knowledgeable speaking style one of my clients described me as “enthusiastic without the cheese”.

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“Has your organisation found itself stuck, unable to move forward and in desperate need of some inspiration and vitality? Growth mindset and enterprise within the workforce could be the solution.”

Kind words from Rebecca’s over the moon clients

“Rebecca Jones is a leader and motivator with infectious enthusiasm”

“Rebecca makes the growth mindset so much more relatable with everyday language”

“Her talk was interactive, fun, insightful and motivating”

“She is superb! Passionate, enlightening and entertaining

“She was very friendly, enthusiastic and an excellent communicator”                                                           Read more …

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